A little about your Blue Ridge Chick

14113885_1369882316358645_1113231012_o13413524_1311307892216088_1921535696432237039_n (1)Hey and Welcome Yall!  My name is Brooke, owner and designer of all things Blue Ridge Chicks!   I was born and raised here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  I love my home and take pride in where I grew up.    This amazing business was a dream of two friends over two years ago and has since blossomed and grew into more than a business, but a community of women who share a common bond of faith,  love for vintage, handmade pretties and all things “Southern”.

I am a dreamer,  a BELIEVER, and a Maker.  I wished I had someone to write this for me as it is hard to describe yourself sometimes but I will surely try.  I am just an ambitious down home girl that loves to take on a challenge, learn a new trade and spread love and inspiration through my work.

I live in what I believe is the most beautiful place on earth, the breathtaking blue ridge mountains of Western North Carolina.  I was born and raised here and no matter where I roam this will always be my home.  I am happily married to my Husband Danny and we have three kids, Gracie, Waylon and Novie.

I love to bring new life to worn, broken and discarded items.  It is more than a hobby it has become my passion.  What I absolutely love most about what I do is all of the amazing people who have come into my life and all the wonderful forever friends that I have made.  I’m so humbled in the work that God has given me to do and I’m so proud of this amazing little business that God is building for me.  I would love to see your lovely face and meet you at a Shed Sale!  God Bless,

Brooke,  Your Blue Ridge Chick

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