Take the leap… You may learn to FLY.


Yes, She surely did.  You know those days when Grace finds you…

Happy Tuesday Friends!  I’m drinking from my favorite mug today getting everything ready for the shop launch tonight.  I have all kinds of emotions going on;  happiness, excitement, nervousness, anxiety and even a little fear.

I tell you all of that to say that I am thankful for all of these full, raw, real emotions I have when taking a risk or stepping out of my comfort zone.  It is in these times we find Grace… or should I say Grace finds us.  At exactly the time we need it and at just the right measure.  It teaches us to trust in HIS plan and all HE has in store for our lives.  I’m so very thankful that HE can see what I cannot.

HIS destination for me and his plan is far greater than anything I could ever OVERTHINK!  I hope that I can encourage your hearts today, to take the leap of faith, trust in the ultimate MAKER and follow your dreams… in doing so you just may find that you can FLY.

From my Chick Nest to yours,


A little about your Blue Ridge Chick

14113885_1369882316358645_1113231012_o13413524_1311307892216088_1921535696432237039_n (1)Hey and Welcome Yall!  My name is Brooke, owner and designer of all things Blue Ridge Chicks!   I was born and raised here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  I love my home and take pride in where I grew up.    This amazing business was a dream of two friends over two years ago and has since blossomed and grew into more than a business, but a community of women who share a common bond of faith,  love for vintage, handmade pretties and all things “Southern”.

I am a dreamer,  a BELIEVER, and a Maker.  I wished I had someone to write this for me as it is hard to describe yourself sometimes but I will surely try.  I am just an ambitious down home girl that loves to take on a challenge, learn a new trade and spread love and inspiration through my work.

I live in what I believe is the most beautiful place on earth, the breathtaking blue ridge mountains of Western North Carolina.  I was born and raised here and no matter where I roam this will always be my home.  I am happily married to my Husband Danny and we have three kids, Gracie, Waylon and Novie.

I love to bring new life to worn, broken and discarded items.  It is more than a hobby it has become my passion.  What I absolutely love most about what I do is all of the amazing people who have come into my life and all the wonderful forever friends that I have made.  I’m so humbled in the work that God has given me to do and I’m so proud of this amazing little business that God is building for me.  I would love to see your lovely face and meet you at a Shed Sale!  God Bless,

Brooke,  Your Blue Ridge Chick

Upcoming Online Sales

Follow me on Instagram @blueridgechicks and like me on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss announcements regarding online restocks!  Next week I am excited to be bringing handcrafted leather cuffs to you!14045572_982864998491075_2324316997549450094_n

The Chick Nest is here!

Welcome Y’all to The Chick Nest!  Where all things Blue Ridge Chicks collide!  I’m so excited to finally bring this website and blog to you all!  Here you can Shop all the restocks and stay informed about what is to come regarding events and sales!!! I will also be sharing tidbits of my personal life with you including family, faith, love and some DIY posts that you don’t want to miss!